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British White Cow - J.West's Clare

         J.West Cattle Company has been breeding for moderate framed beefy, feed efficient British White Cattle for multiple (cow) generations.  Our cattle excel in traditional or grassfed beef production. 

         A portion of our breeding program is focused as well on providing seedstock for the growing mid-size market.  We are likely the only breeder of registered American Fullblood multi-generational mid-size British Whites in the USA.   

". . . Dewy pastures sunset-dazed, At leisure paced by mild-eyed milk-white kine, Smiled them a welcome. . ." Legends of St. Patrick, c. 1872 by Aubrey Thomas de Vere

        The British White breed is a uniquely beautiful and very ancient cattle breed with a noble heritage in the British Isles dating back thousands of years, where we find them revered and magified in old oral Celtic tales, customs, and laws. . . long before the advent of the written word.

         As well, old UK agricultural journals provide a wealth of information in regard to their naturally moderate classic frame size in the 19th and early 20th century.
        The special nature and qualities of the polled British White have been preserved for enjoyment today by the breeders of old who focused on maintaining the dual purpose of milking and beef production, giving us today grand beefy cattle with generous udders to nourish their calves.  

 “He is called Fiachaidh Fionnoladh, for oladh is a name for a cow, and most of the cows of Ireland were white (fionn) in his time; hence he was called Fiachaidh Fionnoladh. Know that, according to Stowe's Chronicle, there were Scots residing in Aiba in the year of the Lord 73, very soon after Fiachaidh Fionnoladh held the sovereignty of Ireland, and that was before Cairbre Riada lived. And this Fiachaidh was treacherously slain by the rustic tribes of Ireland.” (The History of Ireland  ;BOOK I-II, Section 38; Page 237; Author: Geoffrey Keating                    

British White Bull - J.West's El Presidente

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